First Day, Second Day….

Well Ladies and Gentlemen ……. Really anyone who is reading this blog, it  has come and gone that first elusive week of hunting. Now first off lets be honest my blogs are geared more towards the women because they can relate, but don’t get me wrong there are men whom hopefully can relate as well. My husband is just NOT and I mean not one of those men.

First off let me talk to you a bit about our first day hunting, it wasn’t the first day that is for sure. My husband works long hours and unfortunately that means his hunting time is limited. Which in turn means, I do not dare go out to the property without him. He will act all nonchalant about me going, but I can hear the jealousy spitting through his teeth, as he say’s and I quote ” go ahead, go hunting, it does not bother me …(silence) …. but how do you plan on gutting and bringing home what you kill?? I am at work I will not be able to help!!” Cant you just hear the sarcasm and jealousy in that comment ? My response ” THANK GOD FOR YOUTUBE!!!!” Long story short we didn’t go.

The first day of hunting for my husband was Friday the 8th, Yes 8 whole days after opening day, and believe me he found time to check the trail cams and the deer were active. Here is how our first day went

It was 130 in the afternoon and we decided as a family to go for a hunt, we stumbled around and got out of the house at 2:00 and headed to the property, now to be fair my son and I love yard sales and on the way to hunting there happen to be one so I demanded we stop and have a look around. Despite the fact that if looks could kill I would have been dead 10 times over in that instant. So 230 we pulled up to the property, everyone got there gear on and headed to the blind, Which I should mention I decided that Nick should move from the back corner where the deer photos are coming from to the front corner that had little activity. So two kids and two adults are now in this blind and its 330, phew that was fun!! Now ladies lets be honest how many of you get a chance to hunt alone? How many times has your husband given up his chance at the shot for you? I can honestly say mine has never until that day.

It is now 430 and the kids have conveniently passed out, when my husband looks over and says ” why don’t you go for a walk” My answer was ” why did you just see a deer and want me gone?” again though I did not argue, because even if he was setting me up. I NEVER GET ALONE TIME !!!! so I told him the direction I was going and my final destination. I went completely a different way  and arrived at the same destination to basically him and the kids 2 minutes behind me. FFS, get a life and leave me alone for 2 minutes!!! long story short I ended up getting 45 minutes of peace and quite, got back to the family feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Without a deer or a sighting. My husband we back hunting alone in the morning.

On our way out I said ” Dear, I think we should move the blind back” BOOM, there was that look again and I was dead….. Lets leave that till another time 😀





Time to Tune up 3 Months and Counting

Hello everyone, I am soon going to be calling myself the hunting widow 😦 with just 3 months left till hunting season officially kicks off in Alberta, all I will now here for days is Thwack, Thwack, Thwack. Hey babe want to go for a walk? I don’t even bother asking where as it usually means to the hunting property with bows and target in hand to “sight in”

Speaking of target have you guys checked out the bulldog targets? They are amazing targets. Not only are they durable, they also have amazing stopping power. 19467962_785550784940017_3751441254962641267_o.jpgMy husband is pulling between 65 and 70 pounds, approx. 290-310 feet per second and these targets have no problem stopping his arrows in its tracks.The easy arrow removal may not be something big that you consider but when you are shooting with a 6-year-old and 9-year-old easy arrow removal is key.  On top of all that they also have a lifetime warranty on them, You can’t ask for a sweeter deal then that. I am affiliated with them and for a limited time I can offer you pretty sweet discount, Just message me either on my Facebook page or leave me a comment below and I can get you that code. Believe me you will not be disappointed with these targets. I got mine yesterday 😀

Sorry about that little blurb, I had to get it off my chest. Back to now having to go for a walk. Apparently now is the time to get ready and do all these amazing things to be more active. I don’t know about you but my beach body was not ready for summer, so I have no intentions of have a hunting season body either! My husband gave me a list of to-do’s prior to 1 month before hunting season so the property can stay quiet and untouched. I will share that list with you now


-put out trail cams. While getting carried away by a swarm of mosquito’s so large that your feet do not touch the ground, all while trying to chase off the swarm that is now surrounding your children, who are screaming is sheer fear. They are afraid that the misquito’s will suck all of their blood and they will be flat. Well here is your chance to get a little laugh out of this horrid, so-called “walk” your husband suggested.

-Make sure to shoot at least once a week to “tune-in” your skills.  Again let’s go and shoot our bow’s in the middle of a field that has stagnant water which is a cesspool for mosquito breeding. All while again, we have our children running around screaming about the dang bugs!! To top if off now not only do I have to deal with the mosquito’s butIMG_20160903_172307139 I also have the deer flies, helocoptering around my head ….zzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Mommy sissy wacked me……zzzzzzzzz…. Mommy help the bugs are annoying me…..zzzzzzz

– find a Place for potentially setting up our blind. What this means is endless hours walking around the same field we have hunted for the last 3 years in hopes to find a “new” spot that is a little more secluded. Seriously, I like the spot last year we had, it was closer to the road and I didn’t have to luge 4 bags of the kids crap 5 miles across open feild with 200 head of cattle staring me down, like I am Sasquatch.


Well August just mean more shooting, and longer shooting hours, it means that he takes my bow, which for the last month i have shot perfect groupings with.  He decides that he needs to change the rest or the sight on it. He says he is upgrading for me,secretly it’s because he cannot stand me having a better shot than him. I have only been bow hunting full on for a year maybe two. He has been hunting 5+ years and has yet to get a deer, and he is going to make sure that you will not see my picture on our Facebook with that big mulely deer that he has dreamed of first. I on the other hand will!!!

Again more walking to re-position the trail camera’s, change the spot idea for the blind.. for the 10th time already. Then it comes, mid – August, and we are out deciding on the final resting place of the blind ( or so I hope, it will be moved 4 more times before hunting season is over), we are going to be bushing it in. Tail camera’s will now be set up surrounding a 5 mile radius of the blind. It’s now time to let all sit and make those sneaky deer feel comfortable about this new looking tree that has suddenly erected right near their trail to food.

Finally I get to sit at home for 3ish weeks and wash hunting cloths over and over again in scent killing soap to make sure all the stink is out, when in reality we are hunting a cow field, just pick up some SHIT and rub it around and you will now smell like the surroundings.

Seriously though in all actuality I love the outdoors and being able to spend the time with my family doing something we all enjoy. My kids are learning new skills about survival, and the fact that not all meat has to come on a styrofoam plate wrapped in plastic wrap with a price tag of 2.25 a pound on it. That family time is important and can be enjoyable even when you must be quiet at the butt crack of dawn. Seriously if you get nothing else from my blog the laugh is good enough. I would appreciate it if you followed us and commented below on your thoughts. I would love to hear what you think my next topic should be on.

Always your hunting loving, blog writting friend


Summer fishing fun (or Not)

Well we maybe a hunting family, but who says you cannot have fun fishing too, for us its all about the outdoors. Here are a few tips that Nick has for you, to take your family fishing and make it count.

Fishing with the family. From Land!! IMG_20160709_220457566.jpg

Nick and I love to take the family fishing, Sometimes I fish, Most of the time I just sit and enjoy the piece and quiet of the outdoors with a good book. Lets face it this is where you should have amazing peripheral vision, because you man will always have his eye on the fish and nothing else.  Your kids will be swimming with the dog, while there rods lay in the water. When they do start to fish the lines will be flying, tears will be falling and fish well they will still be swimming.  


Well a basic spinning outfit is best, as the last thing you want is to be using a bait-caster and your child runs across in front of you and you get a birds nest. We all know that will be the moment when your kids decided that, yes, they should go swimming. As for the kids as closed faced reel is best. Push the button and watch where it lands. No seriously watch where it is landing as it might be on your head. Your wife, she can choose her own rod combo, Just make sure its not the best of the best, because she will be watching the kids and dropping that rod on the ground a lot. Chances are she will not even remember where she put it  Bring your best dollar store jigs, spoons and Top water bait. Leave the good stuff at home as it will be lost to weeds and snags.

Tips and Tricks 

The best advice I can give for the kids lines is to cut all the barbs off your hooks. It sucks when you get a new piercing and it doesn’t just pull right back out. Depending on your kids ages and what they want to use, I have taken the hooks off spoons, and bent the hooks around the worms just so they have what looks like a real hook. Now don’t get me wrong it still hurts when you get beaned in the back of the head while fishing with you kids because believe me it will happen! Know your local regulations don’t pitching bait across a little creek, when its a fly only season. Also you want to set everyone up for the best possible outcome. If your fishing from land, bring a chair for your wife she will appreciate it. If she loves fishing like me, try to set her up for success. There is nothing worse then watching your husband slaying the fish and you cant get a bite, when you ask what he is using and he looks at what you have on, giggles and says keep trying hun, I am sure you will get something.

Best Advice I can give is if they are not having FUN, believe me when I say you will not be having FUN!


The next best thing to do is creek fish, to hit the waters for those Brookes or Browns.

Creek Fishing 101

First off if it summer forget the waders and jump in with running shoes and shorts. Make sure the water is decently warm, Don’t want to loose any dignity over a fish.


My favorite to use is definitely a little 5 weight fly rod, with a Woolly Bugger, or a pheasant tail nymph. You will also need a small fanny pack and a plastic container to carry your fly’s in. If you walking in the water the last thing you need to do is worry about lugging in your tackle box. If you are not a fly fisher a spinner combo will be fine, with a worm harness and live worms, will work just fine. Depending on where you fish as some Provinces have rules against live bait use. If your taking your kids I suggest a floating rod and some rope, I can almost guarantee that the rod is going for a swim. Also if you are taking the kids along for the journey you will need some life jackets with rope attached, because not only will the rods fall and swim so will the kids and if your in a fast moving part of the creek, whoosh before you know it your kids are down at the next hole bobbing along.

Tips and Tricks

Depending on who is with you in the family and if you have your kids, ask someone to walk a bit ahead of you up stream this way when, and believe me it will, your equipment falls in someone will be there to catch it before it gets to far. Always choose wisely, Your kids are more important then your favorite rod. If you are fly fishing be sure to make sure you fish clear of your family, that is not a tree you caught its your sons ear lobe. This fish in these types of creeks with fast moving water, like the deep ponds under a tree. When feeding they also like to park behind a rock, where there is a water break and wait for the food to come to them. Casting up stream and allowing your bait to float down is a great strategy. Just like a typical man, always hungry but to lazy to move to get it.  Another great thing I learn is that after an afternoon of fishing your kids will be hot and if you put them in a nice deep hole and fish down the river a bit, its a win win. Your kids will push the fish to you and if they accidentally get in the current they will be coming right to you too.


The next method of fishing is the best and one that I suggest you do at any chance you get. Heck take a mental health day, utilize your Father’s Day for this. Even offer to go to the store and sneak a quick fish in. This is the same for all those women out there just like me who Love fishing just as much as any other man. I am not so much going to go with the same format as I have used for the last few tips as this method requires more of a steps list then the typical tips and tricks. 

Fishing Alone!!


  1. Get out of whatever you are doing, and find a spot. Whether your at church or promised your spouse you would pick up dinner. Find a minute to fish, even better if you can get the whole day.
  2. Pick a rod, any rod. Dude now is not the time to be picky, just grab a rod and get out the door before they all see what you are doing. Personally myself I own a pen rod, greatest creation ever!! It is a regular sized rod that collapses on its self allowing it to be compact enough to keep in the glove compartment of my car. As for tackle, just have something small in your car with a few choice lures. Now if you have gotten a full day to go you can be a little more picky on what you choose and make precise decisions. Make sure you do this the night before, because your mind can be changed for you at the drop of a hat, so be sure to get up and get out before anyone hears you in the morning.
  3. cast that line, enjoy the piece and quiet and always make sure to take 1 or 10 last casts. There is nothing better then the piece and quiet of the outdoors, when your kids are not hanging off your legs.

Below are a few more steps encase you did get permission to go out for the entire day.

  1.  Once you are out of the house drive around for a bit, grab a coffee and turn up the radio.
  2. Find the perfect secluded or at least quiet lake and /or creek you can. I suggest lake as there is just less required to fish there.
  3. If you did choose a lake, you can now get your line ready and cast it out.
  4. fold out your lawn chair, open your cooler, crack a beer( because its 5 O’clock somewhere.
  5. sit back relax and enjoy your day, these days are few and far between. When you get the chance enjoy it. Revel in it, soak it up !!


In all reality though fishing with your family is an amazing summer adventure, and can and should be done whenever possible. Your kids will never look back and say remember when Mom and Dad bought us that game, or computer, they will however look back and say remember when Mom and Dad always took us fishing in the summer. Our kids are our future and the less we take them outside and teach them the reality of how food is truly caught, or how to survive without a grocery store. We will not have a future to look forward to. Its like that old saying ” Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” I truly hope to see and inspire more families to get there kids outdoors and involved in the community as there is so much to learn. Even if you don’t fish or know how, just grab a rod and head to a pond. There is always someone who is around that is willing to help. Heck if your in Alberta shoot me a message and we can go and hook you up.


Your outdoor loving, kid wrangling Blog whisper




Hunting over the last few years

So I have one blog to get you caught up to the current time and that is not nearly enough time to do so, so I will keep it short and sweet.

When Nicholas met me in 2009, I was living on a fairly large property in which was hayed by a local farmer. This is where his true passion for hunting started, along with the occasional hunt that he did in Toronto on the family farm with his father and uncle in which case I believe that he slept through all of those hunts.

Once we had been married and settled in for a while Nick decided that he would like to make a career out of hunting and fishing. I mean come on lets be honest what kid growing up in his dads fishing and hunting shadow wouldn’t dream to be the next bob izumi or Chris Bracket? So Nick went all in he bought a camera and had this great idea that he would take kids fishing and hunting and try to get sponsors to send him equipment that he could give away to the kids that went with him. I would say that he went all in and filmed about 5 episodes, with our daughter and Nephew. Honestly I thought our of all his wonderful ideas this was his greatest yet. Needless to say we could not get any sponsors and the sheer cost of doing it on our own was next to impossible, this was another one of his pipe dreams that flopped from lack of ambition to pursue it to the fullest.

The we started doing archery shoots in Northern Ontario and this again became a passion for Nick and he started posing his pictures online and found that many of his friends were liking his photo this is where Bastone Outdoors originated from. He started the page and started posting just random photos and video’s of the stuff that he was doing. Then we moved to Alberta and the archery tournaments took a back seat to work and family. He still hunted and did his thing but had not alot to post about.

I would say in the last year he has really taken another passion about making this work for him and he has going 110% full force into his passion again. He is teaching his children with the high hopes that they will follow in his foot steps. We currently have a few sponsors, Which include Bulldog Targets, Its Me Time Decals, just to list a few. Now that we are up and running again I will be posting tidbits and deals hopefully at least once a week if not more. Being that it is the off season I will try to catch you up on the hunts that have happened, and the hopefully upcoming hunts soon.


Yours Always

Blogger and Mama Sue

BullDog Targets .. Hit me up for a coupon


The making of something ……. Something

Here it goes, this entire journey started back in 2009 when I my husband and I met through E-Harmony. It was a rocky start to say the least there was a period of breaking up and making up but as my husband likes to say that is water under the bridge and its time to leave the past in the past.

We lived in a small town ( and I mean small town 1500 people max) in Northern Ontario, it was an hours drive to get to walmart and any decently priced stores to say the least. My husband chased me down and moved from Caledon ( close to Toronto) and for those of you whom like to google map, he moved to Thessalon Ont.

Starting out Nicholas was major into fishing and hunting was his side passion. Nicholas grew up in the bottom of his dads rod locker fishing all the local tournaments and learning just about all the ins and outs of fishing. He knew exactly what fish would bite and when by the temperature of the water. When he moved to Thessalon and married me, the most passionate women of his life. He was astounded to find out that I enjoyed all the things he did, as well as I was not afraid to bait my own hook. Sorry for getting off topic and dwelling on myself :). I encouraged Nicholas to attempt to start a show that evolved kids and fishing. I had a daughter whom he became an amazing step-dad too, and shortly after in (2010) we had a wonderful son of our own. Again sorry for getting off track. Nicholas and I filmed a few episodes of what we called Take Me Outdoors and determined that there just wasn’t enough time in the day to do this. So Nick deiced that he wanted to pursue a new adventure and dove head first into archery with his uncles 20 year old bow.

Fast forward to 2014, Where now we have moved to Alberta, and Nicholas has a job as an archery tech at the local Cabelas, Where he worked for a year but we needed something more, something the could sustain me being the stay at home mom I am ( check out my own personal blog as well) So he moved into more of a “oil field” job which has brought on its own many of problems.

So here we are today, We have our family whom all really enjoy the outdoors. We believe that it is important to educate the younger generation on the hunting and fishing practices as there may come a day when they need to be self sustaining. Nicholas now has his own press and feels the need to offer services to local Leduc at a good price.

We are attempting to go to local shoots and get really back into the industry,  Nick has been lucky enough to get some awesome sponsors in which have gave him some great deals, so if you are are browsing through and see the website make sure to contact us for some saving codes.

My plan is to blog about something hunting or fishing related every week, something that you may find useful. I want to make sure that people understand this is possible with a family as I have and am still doing it today with our kids and granted I may not have got out as much as I could but I did and that is what matters.

Until next week your passionate blogging friend

And Remember the family that Hunts and Fish together stay together !!!!